Mission vision


MEGAFOAM offers wide variety of products used in different fields and sectors with adequate prices and high quality levels, and improves new products beyond the expectations. MEGAFOAM’s main mission is to create maximum customer satisfaction by meeting the customer needs and offering high quality to its customers.


We, as MEGAFOAM, prefer to define our goals at the highest level, because we know that our success depends directly on our goals We aim to make difference with our strong infrastructure, and to be listed as a reference on quality in Turkey and international market. Our Values;

Customer oriented

Our duty is to provide the best service to the customers in accordance with their needs and expectations. 


Trustworthiness is one of our unchanging values that we show sensitivity to not only to our customers but also to our employees.

High Production Quality

Using of the high technology from the beginning of the production to the end, and to keep the quality and standards at the highest level. 

Entrepreneurship and Leadership

We aim to be pioneer in our sector and market with our innovative approach and entrepreneurship.  


We know that teamwork is the most influential factor in corporate improvement, and we believe that all of our employees are their own leaders. 

Corporate Citizenship

Organizing and joining to activities which are meant to be beneficial for community, humanity, and natural environment.