EVA Foam

EVA Foams have closed cell and cross-linked cell structure makes material resistant to corrosion and have efficient performance against heat, acoustic, moisture and vibration. Wide range of polymer and raw material combinations increase product’s resistance to pressure, make material soft and flexible, resistant to oil and easy to thermo-form. 
EVA Foams are available in,

  • A range of density from 35 – 700 KG/M3,
  • Between 5 – 100 Shore A hardness,
  • A range of thickness from 1.2 – 95 MM,
  • A variety of attractive colors,
  • With Design,
  • Perforated,
  • Laminated with Self-Adhesive Paper,
  • Composite (Two Different Products Together),
  • Fire Retardant, Antibacterial, Antistatic